JUNE 18-  JULY 8, 2015 


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Press Release

Sophie’s Tree is pleased to announce Green Paintings, an exhibition of Meeyoung Kim’s new painting series. This will be her first solo exhibition in New York.

Meeyoung’s recent paintings feature the forest as a visual motif and have become rather figurative than her previous abstract works. In this transitional period, Meeyoung practices a new visual vocabulary at the ambiguous boundary between bold painterly gesture and figurative content.

While her canvas is still relatively abstract and flat, we can clearly recognize the underlying imagery of verdant leaves with flowers. In vivid yet chromatically controlled paintings, Meeyoung conveys her fascination with a moment she recently encountered during a train trip outside of London. The train was running fast and the green scenery seen out through the window was quickly scattered in her eyes and became frozen in her mind as a flat, two-dimensional, canvas-like surface. This optical illusion fascinated her. Stylistically painted leaves and flowers in bright contrasting hues—some clearly identifiable, others loosely suggested—make their presence unusual and uncanny, unlike a real life observation.

Meeyoung Kim (김미영) was born in Seoul, South Korea (1984). She studied painting at the Royal College of Art, London and participated in the Kunst Doc Leipzig Residency, Leipzig. Meeyoung had solo exhibitions at Cité des Art, Paris and Gallery Dos, Seoul. She has also participated in a number of group shows including: SUMMER EXHIBITION at the Royal Academy of Arts, London; PNTG NOVEMBER at Henry Moore Gallery, London; NOTES TO SELF and RCA SECRET at Dyson Gallery, London; and WONDERFUL PICTURES at Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul. She currently works and lives in Seoul.